The Kern Energy Festival

The Kern Energy Festival

The first annual Kern Energy Festival took place at the Kern County Museum in November 2015. Working with the California Independent Petroleum Association (CIPA) and the Kern Energy Foundation, this event helped Macpherson educate the community about where energy comes from.

The festival featured equipment displays, educational games and activities, and interactive exhibits relating to energy production. These activities helped attendees better understand the importance of energy production to Kern County’s economic landscape.

Local schools and universities participated in the festivities, which brought together young generations of future energy producers. All proceeds of the festival were donated to fund scholarships and STEM initiatives, preparing students for the jobs of tomorrow.

Macpherson Energy’s Asset Manager Oliver Macpherson was Vice President of the festival, and we were proud to host an interactive booth. The festival was an excellent opportunity for Macpherson to share its innovative projects with members of the community, and we thank CIPA and the Kern Energy Foundation for the opportunity.