Macpherson is committed to growing our diverse energy portfolio. Our strategy is to continue to invest in responsible, sustainable energy sources, and to build on our foundation of oil and renewable energy production facilities. Beyond oil, we have expanded our operations to include cogeneration and we continue to explore innovative energy production methods to meet future energy challenges.

Macpherson’s oil operations, including partnerships and joint ventures, include more than 400 onshore wells.

As one of the leading independent oil producers in the state, Macpherson is proud of the important role it plays in powering California.

At Macpherson, our success is drawn from our extensive knowledge and understanding of the geological composition of our fields.

In partnership with DTE Energy Services, Macpherson is a co-owner of the Mt. Poso Cogeneration Plant in Kern County.

In addition to operating our principal field in Kern County, Macpherson maintains partnerships with producers across the country.

Macpherson Land owns approximately 4,120 acres of land in Kern County, situated in the Western foothills of the Sierra Mountains.