The work we do at Macpherson requires vigilant employees to protect themselves and each other. Our work culture values safety preparedness and every employee and contractor is empowered to be an advocate for safety. All employees and contractors participate in developing and improving our safety programs.

Macpherson’s Contractor Safety Team is constantly monitoring our work environment and looking for areas for improvement. The team meets regularly to share incidents, field information, and industry developments, all with the goal of improving safety for all who enter our fields.

Our employees demonstrate teamwork, leadership, and communication with regards to workplace safety and have helped us maintain our hard-earned safety record.

Macpherson’s Safety Expectations

  • We work together to develop a site without incidents.
  • We do this by making safety a priority and part of everything we do.
  • We make the site safer through every interaction and decision we make.
  • Safety is something we demonstrate to others even when we don’t think someone is watching.
  • We improve site safety by sharing incidents, near miss/close calls,  and reporting hazards immediately with those involved and later that day with our supervisors and HSE team.
  • We share incidents with others to prevent an injury or vehicle incident.
  • Being a safety Advocate is a responsibility that every Macpherson employee and contractor has.