National Bioenergy Day educates the community about the benefits of renewable biomass plants

National Bioenergy Day educates the community about the benefits of renewable biomass plants

BAKERSFIELD, Calif.—Mt. Poso Cogeneration Company, Macpherson Energy, DTE Energy and the CSUB California Energy Research Center hosted a ceremony and presentation recognizing October 18th, 2017 as National Bio Energy Day in Kern County.  Students from CSUB and Community leaders were in attendance to learn about the benefits that Biomass facilities provide to the community.

The event was in recognition of the fifth annual National Bioenergy Day, an effort by renewable energy producers across the nation to educate the public about the environmental, economic and community benefits that biomass provides as an energy source. In honor of the event, the County of Kern and the City of Bakersfield both issued recognitions declaring October 18, 2017 as Bioenergy Day in their respective jurisdictions.

“Biomass is an important renewable energy source for our local community,” said Doug Christian, the Manager of Environmental Health and Safety at Mt. Poso. “It keeps wood waste out of landfills and has created new markets for local agricultural wood waste.”

The Mt. Poso plant was completely converted to run 100 percent woody biomass fuel, instead of coal, and is delivering 44 megawatts of clean, renewable energy to the California grid. It produces clean, low-emissions power exclusively from woody biomass fuel. The wood used to fuel the power plant comes from landfill diversion construction waste and agricultural sources.

“What an experience for the students to learn about the benefits of bioenergy,” commented Alan Fuchs Director of the CSUB California Energy Research Center.  “Biomass is a great renewable option. Mt. Poso’s plant provides power to approximately 30,000 homes and provides over 140 employment opportunities for residents.  These are viable energy related jobs that can benefit CSUB students.”

“Mt. Poso is a great example of renewable energy and the oil industry working hand in hand to meet California’s energy needs,” said Emelie Macpherson Smith, Land & Legal Analyst of Macpherson Energy Corporation. “There are real environmental benefits to operating the power plant and oil field together as a single unit. By recycling oilfield-produced water at Mt. Poso, we are preserving California’s groundwater.  Furthermore, Biomass plants reduce the amount of open burning by the agriculture industry providing substantial benefits to our air basin.”
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