Kern Economic Development Corporation’s Energy Summit

Kern Economic Development Corporation’s Energy Summit

Macpherson Energy was pleased to play a leading role in the 2015 Kern Economic Development Corporation’s 9th Annual Energy Summit. As a gold sponsor, Macpherson Energy shared our vision of continued development of innovative techniques for a more diverse energy future.

Macpherson Energy’s Asset Manager Oliver Macpherson provided Macpherson’s perspective during the “Renewables: The Other Abundant Resource in Kern County,” panel discussion. His presentation included information about Macpherson’s innovative Mt. Poso biomass facility and the company’s broader commitment towards energy diversity.

Our Mt. Poso Cogeneration Plant provides green energy for approximately 30,000 homes, converting 80 tons of biomass every hour and provides 40 megawatts of renewable electricity to the grid. Along with the quality jobs this facility provides to Kern County’s communities, Mt. Poso is the centerpiece of Macpherson’s renewable efforts.

The Kern EDC’s 2015 Energy Summit was a tremendous success, and we look forward to the 2016 Energy Summit.

You can watch Oliver’s, and the other panelists’, presentations at the top of the page.