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Macpherson produces domestic energy safely, with an increased focus on diversified, sustainable energy solutions. Our team re-invents process engineering to produce energy with minimal environmental impact and maximum efficiency. Our commitment to safety and excellence combined with scientific and creative heritage are our greatest assets. We educate, mentor, and empower our team to strive for continual improvement. In honoring our heritage, we are stewards of natural resources with a lifelong commitment to a diversified and sustainable energy future. We hold ourselves accountable to our team, investors, partners, family and community.


For over three generations, Macpherson has been safely producing domestic energy with minimal environmental impact. We continue our legacy of being responsible stewards of our natural resources. Today, our diversified portfolio includes oil, natural gas, biomass energy and real estate. In addition, Macpherson is evaluating various other renewable energy solutions. Within the next few years, Macpherson will continue to diversify its energy sources while operating and growing a profitable enterprise.


Macpherson’s first and foremost priority is safety; the safety of our team, our community and our natural resources. Our can-do attitude and our commitment to remain ahead of an ever-changing environment enables us to remain more efficient and proactive. We invest in education, empowerment, mentorship, science, technology and equipment. Our integrity and ability to make informed decisions are pivotal in guiding our business. We believe in leading the industry with innovative solutions by leveraging our experience and unlocking the potential to improve lives for today and tomorrow.

Small Beginnings

Macpherson’s story begins in 1959, when Don Macpherson Sr., left Pauley Petroleum to become an independent oil producer. His first investment was in the Citronelle Oil Field in Mobile County, Alabama, a legacy asset the company still owns today.

In 1973, Don Macpherson Sr. and his son, Don Macpherson Jr., purchased a series of leases in the Round Mountain oil field, in Kern County, California. Their plan was to utilize new technologies to restart production in older fields. Discovery of oil in Kern County in 1899 led to the eventual drilling of the Round Mountain oil field discovery well by the Elbe Oil Land Development Company in 1927. The field was developed quickly and production peaked in 1938 with more than 10,000 barrels produced per day. Production declined steadily after WWII, and in the 1960s production was down to less than 2,000 barrels per day.

21st Century Energy Producers

In 1981, the Macphersons organized the company as Macpherson Oil Company LLC, a California corporation, and began deploying new innovations to develop the north portion of the Round Mountain oil field. Macpherson’s operations continued to grow, by securing the southern portion of the field in 1986 from Shell, and the center portion in 1992, from Texaco.

Today, the Macpherson brand encompasses our diverse operations with numerous partnerships and joint ventures in renewable and traditional energy. Macpherson is affiliated with Macpherson Energy Corporation, Macpherson Oil Company LLC, Macpherson Power Company, Macpherson Green Power, and Macpherson Land. Macpherson is currently the 8th largest producer of onshore oil in California, with our principal operations occurring in the Round Mountain oil field, with smaller operations in the Sharktooth, Midway Sunset, and Mt. Poso oil fields.

With approximately 150 full-time employees and contractors in Bakersfield and Santa Monica, Macpherson continues to thrive and develop new and innovative methods of production.

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Looking to the Future

In 2010, Macpherson partnered with DTE Energy Services to convert its cogeneration plant into renewable energy when it converted the once coal-powered Mt. Poso Cogeneration Plant into a fully renewable plant running 100% on biomass fuel.

As California’s energy landscape continues to evolve and establish new milestones for renewable energy production, Macpherson remains committed to exploring sustainable methods of production and diversifying our energy portfolio to meet our state’s energy needs now and into the future.

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